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Happy Holiday's Blog Title

Happy Holidays From Aries to all of you!

What’s up people? I hope you’re enjoying your holidays as much as I am. I am a Latter Day Saint, and we love to be giving in this time of year, so stop by my apartment complex the Wingate Towers for a free month of rent! Come check us out! This week has been a busy one yo. I was able to hang out with my Genealogy Friends at the SLGS Genealogy Dance which was a TON of fun! If you’re at all interested in Genealogy, you should check these folks out! They have a modest fee for membership, but I think it’s worth it. For more details on what I thought about this check out my 1st Life blog post at Genealogy Gangster!


Club Alexis To Open Soon!Club Alexis Grand Opening

In my apartment complex the Wingate Towers I have dedicated an entire floor to being a nightclub. We will be opening on New Years Day, but I might have a sneak preview for my readers, keep it locked here next Wednesday for an exclusive invite! We will play a mixture of music by night. Are you a deejay that is looking for some exposure, we’re looking to hire some deejays and hosts! Contact me in world by im’ing Kenvincible303 or email me here at


Still Looking for Family

We want to be adopted by an awesome older couple, to have that family RP! And it would be awesome if we could find one before the holidays hit! Please contact me asap at


Happy Holiday's Picture from my Pledge Brothers at DAM

Happy Holiday’s Picture from my Pledge Brothers at DAM!



School Daze For the Holidays!

So I have enrolled at Woodcrest University, and it’s been a blast! And I’m proud to announce that I am a pledge at Delta Alpha Mu! This has been a lot of fun, and I look forward to our Pledge Party and Service project! This has been a lot of fun, proud to have my D.A.M. badge on my chest!




2nd Lieutenant Wingate

Cadet Wingate at the Academy JSM

Cadet Wingate during his Joint Service Mission to graduate the Academy!

As you may or may not know part of the time I’m in world, i am a part of the United Federation Starfleet.  This has been a challenge to me and a lot of fun. Technical difficulties with command prolonged my academy experience by one week. But after all of that, i am proud to announce I graduated last night and got my butter bars as a second lieutenant! I am headed for the USS Sheppard as a Fighter Pilot or Special Forces wherever I’m needed most. Excited about this!






Happy Holidays to You and Your Loved Ones!

Rich Boyz Social Network KogoAlexis and I wish you all a merry holiday season! We will be spending it at our Cotillion House for the RIch Boyz Social Order.  About that, it’s a new social society that wants’s to bring together Second Life business magnates as a social society and teach the future generations of second life traditional skills for the august men and women of second life. If your interested send me an IM or email and we can talk about membership!

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you next week!


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My name is Aries Wingate, Philanthropist, Genealogist, Husband and Land Baron. It's nice to meet you! From my home in Paraoro Bay to yours I hope that you have a nice holiday season! Don be a stranger, stop by often to get the skinny on everything that has to do with the SL universe! IRL: In Real Life, i am Kenny Green and I work teaching Inner City kid's the art of genealogy via the Genealogy Gangster Foundation ( and I blog on

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